VIII Gdańsk Grain Exchange

Dear Sirs,

VIII Gdańsk Grain Exchange will take place at Sheraton Sopot Hotel in Sopot, Poland on 20th July, 2017. European and Polish companies, acting on grain markets, will participate at this meeting. The following representatives of our company will take part in the Exchange

  • Mrs Hanna Kowalska, Commercial Manager for Agri Products.
  • Mr Sławomir Władyko, Vice President of the Management Board, Deputy Director General.
  • Mr Józef Juszczyszyn, Sales Manager.

Please call Mrs Hanna Kowalska (+48501246858) if you are a participant of the Exchange and would like to meet with us.

We look forward to meeting you in Sopot.

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We are celebrating.

we have been helping our Clients retain the value they have created for over 65 years. Today is a special occasion - 25th anniversary of the functioning of our company POLCARGO - Superintendence and Testing Services Co. Ltd. i Gdańsk. This feast is celebrated by the occasion of the "Duck Meeting 2016" in Gdynia. We thank all our clients and business partners for their years of cooperations.