We offer audit as well as implementation services to all subjects connected with manufacturing and distribution of agricultural and food products.


Audits are performed according to criteria agreed upon with a Client.


Implementations concern matters connected with introduction by the subject of Good Hygiene Practice (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System according to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 22000 standard. Scope of services covers all stages necessary to implement HACCP system; so, in order from the zero audit, training, advice on criteria used to select HACCP team members to necessary consultations and final audit.  Usually, these stages last from 1 to 5 months after receipt of an order. We declare the possibility to shorten this term or to perform the request to a lesser extent.


We offer comprehensive assistance in the implementation of the standard GMP +.

GMP+ is the standard of Good Manufacturing Practice together with HACCP principles guaranteeing health safety of feedingstuffs. Implementation of the standard ensures  that the feedingstuffs do not threaten the future consumers of animal products and environment. Comprehensive consultations rendered by POLCARGO cover all steps, from analysis of the baseline in the company through sampling and analyses in accredited laboratories to verification of system performance.


We have also possibilities in the range of matters connected with implementation of quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard or matters concerning to waste management and environmental management.


In the previous years we offered our Clients arranging services for certification of products necessary while exporting to the Russian Federation i.e. for voluntary certification GOST R and mandatory certification of compliance with the technical regulations. Embargo introduced by the Russian Federation discontinued this activity.

We count on the change of this situation in the futur.


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