Demand for superintendence and inspection services began in the 19th century with a dynamic development of trade for long distances. Engagement of an impartial entity by the sides to inspect cargo quantity and quality facilitated the settlement of the transaction and minimized risk. Proposed scope of services to be performed, an area of their provision as well as their sales volume have risen steadily. Increasing globalization, the complexity of manufacturing processes, concern for consument safety, requirements of the law as well as tangible benefits derived by customers help to increase current demand dynamics.

POLCARGO provides a full scope of inspection

services including, but not limited to:

Quantity inspection

draft survey,

volumetric measurements,

supervision of weighing,


Quality inspection


sensory tests,

physicochemical analyses,

radioactivity tests.



for claims handling processes included.



of condition of goods, their packing and marking,

of condition and suitability of transport means.


of loading and unloading operations.


agreed upon with Client.

POLCARGO services are done to check compliance of deliveries/shipments with contractual requirements, domestic, foreign and international standards, the law or Client requirements.