Inspection of fertilizers, exported or imported,

in Polish sea ports.



Inspection of loading into or unloading of goods from the vessel:

• interview the ship: information about last voyages, last three cargoes, averages (if any), sea protests, type of loading and weighing in the port of shipment, etc.

• cleanliness inspection of holds.

• fertilizers in bulk: draft survey – determination of weight of loaded or unloaded cargo through measurements of the vessel draft.

• liquid fertilizers: volume measurements, determination of density and weight of goods in particular ship's tanks.

• packaged fertilisers (big bags, bags): tally.

• sampling.

• supervision of loading and unloading: visual inspection of condition of goods.

• sieve analysis.

• chemical analysis.

• inspection of empty holds.

• regular reporting of situation updates, photo included.

• issuing inspection certificates and dispatch to the Client.



Above information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 §1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legislation.